Rupert St, Soho, W1D 7PF

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Secrets of the Silk Road.

There is no secret here that OshPaz’s authentic Uzbek plov is one of a kind in Soho. This is Uzbekistan’s, understandably, legendary, national dish.

Slow cooked cuts of lamb are simmered amongst rice and vegetables and then garnished with pickles and salad. You can see why a country became obsessed with this dish!

OshPaz also are part of an organisation called TERN, , The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network. Muzaffar, OshPaz’s founder, moved from Uzbekistan as a refugee and through mentoring at TERN has been able to start his own business in the UK, for which we are all very grateful.



Uzbek Plov

Slow cooked lamb on the bone, simmered with rice, vegetables and traditional Uzbek spices in a giant cast iron pot, garnished with fresh pickles and seasonal salads